Finding my voice – in my hair!

I’m supposed to talk about Theology in some way today, but have no desire to go there today. I may have to drop this topic. I just really don’t feel like this blog is the place for it. I’ll come back to it when it is an important part of my personal growth. 

Today I am getting my hair cut. I will be going to a salon, sitting in a chair, paying a hair stylist and getting my hair cut short. This is a big deal for me. 

You may remember my hair long. Like this the one above. Or shorter like this:

Today, I’m going short. I’m hoping for the last one (that’s not of me…) 

Time will tell what it will really look like, but I’m hoping for a bohemian, cute, easy to style, funky, fun ‘do. 

Now for the why. My mom loves my hair long. Her hair has always been about shoulder length. I’ve kept it fairly long, with the occasional chop. But I’ve never been willing to go “all off.” I remember seeing the stories of Kerri Russell from the ’90’s  tv show Felicity after her she cut all her hair off. What a bold move!

I’ve decided to live my own life and quit making excuses for not making decisions. I’ve always wanted to cut my hair short and now’s the time. I’ll post pics on fb and here eventually. Thanks for your support. 

See you out there!