What shall we blog?

I would like to blog every day, but I’m not sure what these blogs should contain. Would you all prefer to read random thoughts, some kind of schedule, quotes and reactions, ???

Here’s where I think I’m starting:

Monday: Musings

Tuesday: Tradition breakdown

Wednesday: Dance Topics

Thursday: Theology

Friday: Fun Stuff

How does that sound? I feel like I need some routine or schedule to keep me going in this. Let me know what you think. I’m open to any topics, so tell me what you’d like me to blog about.

See you out there!


Am I going to Heaven?

“Ultimately, this promise of certainty, of faith without doubt, is dangerous to genuine belief.”

A blog about uncertainty in faith?!?! So glad other people are willing to question openly.

” As long as a seed is planted, it doesn’t matter, right? But I’m concerned about what will grow from a seed like this. When you sow a gospel so watered down and reductionistic, it doesn’t tend to grow up into healthy spirituality.
I’ve watched over and over as people who signed up for Christianity because of the promise of Heaven grew disillusioned by the unfulfilled guarantees of certainty, weary under the weight of the religious bait-and-switch, and left the faith altogether. Tell me, then, was this little seed better than none at all? There’s a better Gospel. I’m sure of it. It speaks of reconciliation to God, Heaven coming to earth, life without end beginning now.”