Welcome to July!

I missed a blog on Tuesday. Sorry folks. I may try to write an extra at some point, but not today.

Today’s blog is about dancing. Indy Contra was lucky enough to have an extra dance this week. We had a Sunday afternoon dance in our regular spot, Grove Haus, with the Coffee Zombies. The lovely and talented Lauren Peckman called the dance. Several out-of-towners were able to come visit for the day, which always brings a smile. Last night was our regular Tuesday dance with an open band. We were grateful to have some talent come from the surrounding communities to play in an AMAZING open band. 

I’ve scheduled quite a bit of dancing for the next few weeks. Over the holiday weekend I’m dancing Friday evening in Louisville and Saturday evening in Lexington. The following weekend I’ll be travelling to Nashville, TN to dance to The Ripples. 

All this travelling and dancing really has my wanderlust running. The more I travel, the more I want to travel. I’m pulled by the wonderful people I’ve met at all the area dances. Wouldn’t it be great to just leave it all behind, travel the country, and dance along the way!?!

One beautiful thing about Contra is the freedom I feel inside a dance. I enter each dance with a partner. We take hands and line up with the other couples. But the beauty to me is that I do not belong to my partner as the dance progresses. My partner and I share each other with the rest of the dancers. We dance together in each set, but we also dance with everyone else we encounter.

Some partners will gently place my hand in the hand of my next neighbor. I love the feeling of being led into the next “relationship” or experience. My partner enjoys the time we share but also enjoys sharing me with the others. 

I long for this in life. I hope to find a life partner with whom I can experience each new encounter, enjoying our time together and also relishing the beauty of sharing life with the rest of humanity. 

Dance teaches me so much about life. Thanks for indulging my wandering mind!

See you out there!


What shall we blog?

I would like to blog every day, but I’m not sure what these blogs should contain. Would you all prefer to read random thoughts, some kind of schedule, quotes and reactions, ???

Here’s where I think I’m starting:

Monday: Musings

Tuesday: Tradition breakdown

Wednesday: Dance Topics

Thursday: Theology

Friday: Fun Stuff

How does that sound? I feel like I need some routine or schedule to keep me going in this. Let me know what you think. I’m open to any topics, so tell me what you’d like me to blog about.

See you out there!