About Charity

I’m just a woman, trying to figure out what that means. I’m a daughter, sister, aunt, teacher, tutor, friend, mentor, student, and about a million other titles I’m not sure how to fulfill.

Currently I am teaching Adult Education and helping people make the changes that will get their lives back on track. Even though I struggled for 3 years with trying to figure out how to find employment, I am now in a position called Career Facilitator. I sit in my cubicle every day helping people take their next step. I have no idea how to complete this work effectively, but I seem to be helping at least a few people.

My current obsession is with Contra Dancing. There will be MANY blog posts in this regard, so I’ll let those explain this crazy thing I do.

I am also studying to become an herbalist. I love helping people pursue alternative options for healing their bodies and staying healthy.

Among my other random hobbies the most notable ones are crochetting, sewing, music, camping and learning languages. If you are interested in just about anything and willing to share it with me, I’m likely to jump on board. One of my favorite things in the world is watching someone else share about the thing that they love.

Most of all, I am a fellow traveler on this earth. I believe that we must pursue justice, compassion and honesty with one another. I long to show love in all its forms, experience the beauty in every life I encounter and share this human experience with the rest of you.

See you out there!


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