The Conversation

“What is ‘the Conversation?’  It is what found me.  It is the marriage between the moving word and the waiting silence.  It is waking into the silent emptiness before dawn, and feeling a question form within you that only Reason can answer.  It is listening for the soft sounds of the woods, and the murmur of the spirit over the waters.  It is forever the first morning, again and again.” – Diana Lorence, The Innermost House

Diana and her husband lived for 7 years in a Thoreauvian style tiny house in the woods. She explored her inner self while exploring the nature that surrounded her. What an amazing journey! I’m certain that I would go insane in a situation like that, but I sure would take a weekend of it. Maybe that’s what I like so much about camping. 

Her words speak to the deepest parts of me.


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